Last Minute Checklist: Is Your Missouri Yard Ready For Winter?

As the fall comes to an end and winter approaches, you probably can’t wait to put away the lawnmower and be done with lawn care for the year. But lawn care professionals agree that fall lawn care is essential for getting your lawn ready for spring. lawn mower on lawn

Keep Mowing

Many homeowners think that because the grass is growing more slowly the lawn doesn’t need to be mowed anymore. If your lawn consists of cool-season grass then the fall and spring are when it does its growing. If you’ve planted warm-season grass then your lawn is preparing for its winter dormancy. Grass continues to grow until the first hard frost and should be cut regularly in the meantime. Letting your grass grow too long can result in it matting and make your grass vulnerable to lawn diseases like snow mold. Cutting your grass too short curtails the root system and obstructs the lawn’s ability to maintain itself throughout the winter.

Here’s a tip. As the first hard frost nears, lower your mower blade and cut your grass shorter than usual. This exposes the crowns to more sunlight and allows the grass to conserve its energy during the winter.

Rake Your Leaves

Fall leaves look beautiful covering your lawn but they are bad for your grass. A thick layer of leaves on your grass can actually suffocate the grass, block sunlight, and trap moisture. If left un-raked, they can kill your grass or even cause lawn diseases.

If you don’t feel like raking leaves you can use a mulcher attached to your mower as an alternative. Leaves make great mulch because they are full of nutrients and it’s free!. Leaf mulch can be added around trees, in flower beds, and in gardens. 

Aerate and Overseed

Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn. Aeration is a mechanical process that allows ample amounts of water, air, and nutrients to reach the root systems of your grass. Aeration is needed when your soil becomes compacted or there is too much thatch. Aeration works by performing the lawn with tiny holes and loosening up the soil. After your lawn is aerated it is primed and ready for overseeding. 

Overseeding is the spreading of new types of grass seed into your existing lawn. This is done to fill in bare spots and improve the overall health of your lawn. Different types of grasses have different levels of tolerance to heat, drought, and diseases. By mixing different grass types together these benefits can extend to the rest of your yard. flooded clogged gutter

Make Sure Gutters Are Flowing

Gutters have an important function in protecting your home from water damage. In the fall, your gutters can get clogged with leaves. When gutters get clogged water backs up and overflows. This erodes away the dirt surrounding your foundation which can lead to bigger problems down the line. This can be especially hazardous during the fall and winter when swinging temperatures can cause your foundation to crack and your basement to leak. Do yourself a favor and take the time to check your gutters this fall.

Call Quality All-Care for Professional Help

At Quality All-Care, we have years of experience dealing with Missouri lawns and summer weeds. With our aeration and overseeding program, we can repair and improve your yard to levels you never thought possible.

We also offer comprehensive tree and shrub services and pest control solutions.

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