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How to Prevent Mosquitoes in Kansas

mosquito biting on skin

As the weather warms up a lot of us can’t wait to get back outside and start enjoying the spring weather. The best part of having a yard in Kansas is being able to enjoy it by hosting barbecues, graduations, or just a get together with friends. But no matter how much planning goes into these events, the one thing we usually forget about is relentless mosquitoes.

These uninvited party crashers can quickly end any gathering you had planned if you aren’t prepared for them. Besides being the most annoying insects in the animal kingdom, mosquitoes also carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile, Zika, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

Luckily you can bring down the population of mosquitoes in your area with effective mosquito control. Check out these excellent tips on controlling mosquitoes in your yard.

Repair Your Screens

mosquito on a screenMosquitos aren’t always trying to get into your home, but if you have an outside light on, you could be attracting them unnecessarily close to your house. When they hang around this close to our homes, they can find tiny holes in our window screens and gain entry without notice. We usually learn of the silent intruders when we wake up with little red bumps on our bodies. So before mosquitoes find their way in, make sure all of your screens are in good shape and don’t keep doors open for too long.

DIY Mosquito Trap

During these strange times we are living in, a lot of us are finding new projects to do as a family. What better way than working on a DIY insect trap made from common household materials? You probably have all the materials you need already lying around the house:

  • Large soda bottle
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors or razor

Start by cutting the soda bottle in half, then fit the top, upside down, into the bottom half and fasten them together with the masking tape. 

For the bait add:

  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of yeast

Mosquitos will be attracted to the smell, enter through the funnel at the top, and become trapped at the bottom where they will eventually drown.

a bird on a pole looking down

Bring In Predators

Every insect has natural predators, and mosquitoes are no exception. Several animals feed on mosquitoes, and you should make them feel at home in your yard. Birds like purple martins and swallows all love diving and swooping at mosquitoes during the day while bats take the night shift. You can attract these mosquito predators to your yard by putting up bat houses and purple martin houses. Both of these species tend to live in colonies, so they require specialized homes. Swallows, on the other hand, prefer traditional bird boxes that face a large open field.

Get Rid Of Mosquito Breeding Areas

Mosquitoes don’t travel too far in search of food, so If you notice a large number of mosquitoes bothering you, they are probably breeding somewhere in your yard. Mosquitos only need the tiniest bit of water to lay eggs, which can be almost anywhere on your property. Ideal mosquito breeding zones include birdbaths, gutters, rain barrels, flower pots, patio furniture, rotting stumps, ditches, discarded tires, ponds, and other water features. 

To help control the mosquito population in your yard, dump out all standing water and change the water in birdbaths and animal waterers regularly.

Call Quality All Care for Professional Help

At Quality All Care, our perimeter mosquito treatments don’t just eliminate these annoying insects but keep the population down all season long so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces in peace.

Quality All Care has been treating Kansas lawns and the problems that affect them for over 30 years providing lawn care programs, tree and shrub services, and pest control.

Call us at 913-894-9250 or leave us a message here. Check our monthly blog for more tips and tricks on lawn care.