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Keep Your Trees and Shrubs Healthy Year-Round

At Quality All-Care, we are dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers! We know the importance of keeping your trees and shrubs healthy year-round. The Kansas City area boasts some of the most beautiful and unique ash trees and ornamental shrubs, but also some of the worst ash borer and grub problems nationwide

Tree & Shrub Care in Kansas City

Shrubs and trees

Our qualified technicians will ensure your trees and shrubs are healthy and pest-free so you can enjoy your landscape year-round. At Quality All-Care, we use a six-cycle treatment plan that’s proven to strengthen plants and radically improve the look of your landscape. Our confidence in our service is backed by science, detailed planning, and years of experience. 

Our six-cycle tree and shrub care in Kansas City includes:

  • Deep root fertilization - inject deep-root feeding directly into a tree’s root system to help ensure trees are receiving the nourishment they need to prosper.
  • Insect and disease control - administer a general fungicide for the prevention and treatment of disease and an insecticide to eliminate any leftover damaging insects.
  • Dormant oil treatment application - dormant oil may help control overwintering insect populations which will give you a head start on insect management for the spring.


Deep Root Fertilization

Trees need nourishment and it is especially important that they receive enough before the cool-season hits. This treatment includes injecting fertilizer into the deep down roots of the tree’s soil to ensure that the roots are being properly fed. Deep-root feeding is generally done in a grid pattern for complete coverage. Without the pattern, you run the risk of cutting corners and missing spots. With trees needing to be protected for the winter, you won’t want to risk it.

While deep-root injections are not required, they are recommended. The trees that will truly get the most benefit out of deep-root fertilizing are trees that are very young, very old, or already have common health issues. If possible, we recommend taking young, potted trees indoors for the cool-season. When that isn’t an option, we can deep-root fertilize and take other preventative measures to protect your greenery.

A Customized Plan That Fits Your Needs

When it comes to tree and shrub care in Kansas City, there is no “one size fits all” plan. Before we start treatment applications, our expert technicians will analyze your lawn before determining the best course of action. We will then create a customized plan that will give your trees and plants year-round attention for optimum growth. It will also increase strength and durability to help combat the local weather conditions and pests.

Factors we consider when customizing your plan include:

  • Types of existing plants
  • Type of soil
  • Regional factors unique to Kansas and Missouri, like rainfall and bug populations


Backed by the Quality All-Care Guarantee

We all have busy schedules. At Quality All-Care, we know that maintaining your landscape isn’t always your top priority. We understand the needs of a busy schedule, and that’s why we are dedicated to helping you achieve the landscape you’ve always wanted. We are committed to providing the highest quality lawn care services. If you’re not pleased with our service, we will continue working with you until you are satisfied or refund the amount of your last application.

Areas We Serve 

We proudly serve communities across both Kansas and Missouri, including:

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