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Professional Lawn Care in Lee's Summit
Quality All-Care is the answer to all your Lee's Summit lawn care needs. We offer weed control, tree and shrub care, perimeter pest control, and more.

What Our Clients Say

Talked to Technician Brandon Hurt today when he stopped by to do my lawn service. He was very pleasing to talk to.

Shawnee, KS

Lawn Care in Lee's Summit

A healthy lawn is its owner’s pride. But the work it takes to get a lawn in good shape can be downright exhausting! At Quality All-Care, we get it. That's why we offer lawn care services so you can enjoy the best of healthy turf without all the hassle. 

When you partner with us for lawn care, you can expect:

  • An initial inspection of your lawn by one of our knowledgeable technicians.
  • Seasonal treatments 6 times throughout the year.
  • Weed and grub control.
  • Anti-fungal treatments.
  • Overseeding to green up any brown patches in your turf.


Trust Our 35 Years of Experience

We’ve cared for lawns in Kansas City for a long time now. When you entrust the care of your yard to us, you can bet those 35 years of experience directly benefit you and your lawn. We’ll do the job right and efficiently to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Lawn Aeration in Lee's Summit

Aeration is a key component of a healthy lawn, allowing water and nutrients to easily filter down to the roots of your grass. Lawn aeration also combats compaction, keeping your soil soft so roots can reach deeper into the soil. 

Benefits of lawn aeration include:

  • Greener, thicker grass that outcompetes weeds and stands up to weather.
  • Less standing water on your lawn.
  • Less compact soil.
  • More germinated seeds.

Seeding complements aeration very well, which is why we offer lawn aeration and seeding packages. Overseeding just after aeration gives seeds deeper soil and more access to water, increasing their chances of germinating and filling out your yard. When performed on a regular basis, seeding and aeration services will lead to a robust and vibrant grass that is the envy of the whole neighborhood.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Lee's Summit

When it comes to tree and shrub care in Lee’s Summit, there is no “one size fits all” plan. That’s why we take pride in creating customized programs to fit your landscape’s unique needs and budget. With our six-cycle plans, we will have your tree, and shrub care needs in Lee’s Summit covered for every season. Before we do anything, our trained professionals will take into account some very important factors to determine what needs to be done to give your trees and shrubs the very best care. We will look at:

  • Types of existing plants
  • Type of soil
  • Regional factors unique to Lee’s Summit, like rainfall and bug populations

Perimeter Pest Control in Lee's Summit

With over 35 years of experience protecting homes just like yours, Quality All-Care makes preventing household pests simple. Our perimeter pest control service creates a barrier around your home, covering up to six-feet up and six-feet out to ensure that unwanted pests can’t find a way inside. We spray all shrubs, bushes, and flower beds near your foundation to rid these areas of mealybugs and mites, aka spiders’ favorite foods. Our experts utilize family and pet-friendly treatments for our pest control in Lee’s Summit. Insects we eliminate include:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Beetles
  • And more!

Convenient, Simple, and Affordable Pest Control Services

The last thing we want to do is add one more thing to your already busy to-do list, which is why we like to keep our perimeter pest control services as hassle-free as possible. Our treatments are completely family and pet-friendly, and with our recurring barrier treatments strategically timed throughout the year, you can remain pest-free while taking care of other responsibilities. We offer two different Lee’s Summit pest control options to keep your home safe and pest free:

  • Perimeter pest control program: For $75 per treatment you will receive five treatments throughout the year offering maximum protection from all common household pests.
  • Perimeter pest + mosquito control program: For $100 per treatment, you will receive our five treatments of perimeter pest control as well as our powerful mosquito control treatment application. Utilizing both offers maximum protection against annoying household invaders.


We Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

Don’t wait for lawn disease, tree disease, or a pest infestation to occur. Take proactive action with our seven-application lawn care program, six-cycle tree, and shrub care program, or our hassle-free pest protection. We are a locally-owned, trusted company serving the greater Lee’s Summit area. We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for every customer. If you’re not happy, neither are we! We’ll work with you to address any landscaping issues until they are gone.


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