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Perimeter Pest Control

Prevent Bugs From Getting Inside With Perimeter Pest Control!

Do you have pests invading your home and lawn? Don’t leave your home unprotected any longer. With our perimeter pest control, we kill all bugs and any remaining larvae, providing you with peace of mind that your home will remain bug-free. We provide you with a comprehensive prevention plan that we guarantee will keep insects out of your home.

Five-Cycle Perimeter Pest Control Treatment

Our five-cycle perimeter pest control treatment treats the entire exterior of your home five times throughout the warm season, including six-feet up and six-feet out. We will exterminate all bugs, including spiders, ants, and various other insects. The application will destroy any remaining larvae, preventing newly hatched insects from becoming pests in the future.

In addition to treating the perimeter of your home, our exterminators also inspect and treat bushes, shrubs, flower beds, and gutters for mealybugs and mites. Got spiders? Quality All-Care can handle those as well. Having a professional spray outside of your house with a perimeter spray is the most effective way to keep spiders off your landscape and out of your home.

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Guaranteed Pest Control

Having pests in your home is unsettling. We are homeowners, too, and know how important it is to take care of your problem quickly. Our pest control exterminators work hard in Kansas City to make sure pests stay out of your home for good! We service your home five times over the year, so you and your family don’t have to worry! For just $75 per treatment, you can keep your home safe! Best of all, if you see pests after your service, we will return and treat them again for free!

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Safer Solutions

Pests are not only a nuisance, they can also pose serious health risks. By eliminating most insects, outdoor pest control can help protect your family by minimizing the chances of insect bites, contact with rodent droppings, and other unsafe and unsanitary circumstances.

While it may seem more cost-effective, store-bought pest control sprays can be dangerous to your family and harmful for the environment. The same goes for store-bought rodent traps. If not used properly, they can end up harming pets and children. Our professional technicians are knowledgeable of the most up-to-date high-quality products and know how to use them. This helps to keep everyone on your property safe. If you are interested in keeping pests out of your home, contact the professionals at Quality All-Care Lawn now, and we can help put bugs back where they belong, outside.

Cities We Provide Perimeter Pest Control For

Shawnee, Kansas

Obtain lawn care services and prevent bugs from invading your Shawnee, Kansas home with Quality All-Care’s signature perimeter pest control.

Fairway, Kansas

Quality All-Care will stop pests such as mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks from invading both the inside and outside of your Fairway, Kansas home.

Platte City, Missouri

Stop pests in their tracks! Quality All-Care offers all the services your Platte City home needs to eliminate insects.

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