Find Out What Will Benefit Your Trees in the Winter

Trees and shrubs can be compared to children. They are not like your garden, trees and shrubs need year-round care to be healthy and flourishing. The team at Quality All-Care Lawn Services knows the ins and outs of all year quality tree and shrub care, and we want to share them with you.

When you choose to make trees and shrubs apart of your unique landscaping, it is important to understand that they require a different level of care than the gardens they are surrounded by. Whether your trees and shrubs are in your backyard, near your street side, or in your actual garden itself, they will need care for full time. In Kansas, we have common trees such as Black Walnut, Baldcypress, American Sycamore, Cottonwood, Eastern Redbud, and so many more. Thes trees at sunsete trees make our outdoor spaces beautiful and enjoyable while providing us the air we breathe.

Fall and Winter Treatments

This is where deep-root feeding comes in. Trees need nourishment and it is especially important that they receive enough before the cool-season hits. This treatment includes injecting fertilizer into the deep down roots of the tree’s soil to ensure that the roots are being properly fed. Deep-root feeding is generally done in a grid pattern for complete coverage. Without the pattern, you run the risk of cutting corners and missing spots. With trees needing to be protected for the winter, you won’t want to risk it.

While deep-root injections are not required, they are recommended. Some trees will benefit much more from this process than others. The trees that will truly get the most benefit out of deep-root fertilizing are trees that are very young, very old, or already have common health issues. If possible, we recommend taking young, potted trees indoors for the cool-season. When that isn’t an option, we can deep-root fertilize and take other preventative measures to protect your greenery.

Late Winter, Early Spring Treatments

During this time, it’s usually when your trees and shrubs need to get a jump start on preventative protection from dangers in the upcoming warm season. In January and February, we generally recommend our clients receive a dormant oil treatment as a preventative measure for insects. Dormant oil will allow your trees and shrubs to have a layer of extra padding against insects who want to penetrate through the tree’s barrier to start damaging the interior.

Ready to Protect Your Beloved Trees and Shrubs?

Here at Quality All Care, we have the resources and experience needed to protect your greenery. Homeowners want to be sure that their trees and shrubs thrive throughout the entire year. Getting a jump-start on preventative and protective tree and shrub treatments create the right environment for that. We also offer other comprehensive tree and shrub services and pest control solutions.

We’re always available to our customers! We can be reached at at 913-894-9250 or leave us a message here. Check our monthly blog for more tips and tricks on lawn care and tree and shrub services. You can also check out a full list and description of our services here.

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